Nordix board votes to relocate operations to Belgium

Stockholm – 9th of November, 2020 - The Nordix Foundation governing board has decided to end operations through the Nordix Foundation, a delaware based non-profit organisation, and migrate all activities to the Nordix Association, a Belgian based Association. The board intends to begin the process of incorporation for the Belgian Association during November of this year. 

The decision to move to a European base for Nordix was unanimous amongst the Nordix leadership group. “The move to a fully European organisation opens up new membership opportuntites and new avenues of funding for the foundation, as our pathway to a European open source organisation became clearer so too did the understanding that this is absolutely the right move for our group.” says Christopher Price, founding member of Nordix Foundation.

In being established as a Belgian based Association, Nordix is not alone in charting a course to European operations in open source. The Eclipse Foundation and Gaia-X being two noteable open source communities establishing operations in Belgium. “Europe is a hub for innovation and thought leadership, groups such as Nordix need to take that innovative energy and facilitate industry applications for the betterment of our European Union through collaboration in open source.” says Johan Christenson, CEO of City Network.

To learn more about the establishment of the Nordix Association material has been made available. If you are interested in joining the Association you can submit a membership form to or simply reach out to that mailbox to open a dialog.

For more information about Nordix Foundation, please visit


Johan Christenson, founding member of Nordix and CEO of City Network

Christopher Price, founding member of Nordix and Head of Ericsson Software Technology