Nordix board votes to relocate operations to Belgium

Stockholm – 9th of November, 2020 - The Nordix Foundation governing board has decided to end operations through the Nordix Foundation, a delaware based non-profit organisation, and migrate all activities to the Nordix Association, a Belgian based Association. The board intends to begin the process of incorporation for the Belgian Association during November of this year. The decision to move to a European base for Nordix was unanimous amongst the Nordix leadership group. (Read More...)

Announcing the Nordix Foundation Technical Committee formation activity

Stockholm – 29th of May, 2018 - The Nordix Foundation is recruiting candidates to form the inaugural Technical Committee who will be tasked with establishing community governance for the foundation during 2018. The nomination period will remain open until the 18th of June where we will meet in Stockholm for the first time face to face. The Nordix Foundation aims to cultivate an environment for open source technology incubation, to enable and promote the development and use of open source technologies, making these technologies accessible to the broader Nordic technical community. (Read More...)

Nordix Foundation to advance innovation on open source across the Nordics

Stockholm – 8th of May, 2018 - Today Nordix Foundation is announced, a Nordic open source foundation with the objective to enable more companies and organizations in the region to leverage open source across entire digital environments. Nordix Foundation will provide an open source network for sharing of knowledge, expertise, training and code. The foundation is established as a direct response to corporations and organizations expressing a need to increase their knowledge about open source innovation in order to enhance their abilities to successfully use and develop open source projects in their digital transformations. (Read More...)

Nordix Foundation ska främja innovation på öppen källkod i Norden

Stockholm den 8 maj 2018 - Idag tillkännages Nordix Foundation, en nordisk stiftelse som har som målsättning att göra det möjligt för fler företag och organisationer i regionen att utnyttja öppen källkod i hela digitala ekosystem. Nordix Foundation kommer att erbjuda ett nätverk inom öppen källkod med syftet att dela kunskap, ta del av expertis och dela kod. Stiftelsen är grundad som ett direkt svar på företag och organisationers intresse och behov av att öka sin kunskap om hur de kan använda öppen källkod för utveckling och innovationsprojekt när de genomför digitala transformationer. (Läs mer...)

Nordix Foundation Launch Dinner

Following our planned timeline, we have now established the Nordix Foundation and are in the process of forming our founding board. Our next step is to hand responsibility for Nordix to the board as they step into leadership roles for the foundation. To celebrate this milestone, as we come together to move Nordix into an operative establishment phase, we would like to host a dinner for our broader community discussing our planned activities, potential for engagement and expected/desired outcomes for 2018. (Read More...)